Baccarat Strategy

The Baccarat Game is a game of skill and strategy. People say there are no Baccarat Strategies, however, similar to Blackjack and other casino games, there are certain strategies a player can use to gain an advantage in the game. The simple, intermediate, and advanced Baccarat Strategies below will make you a winner in the Baccarat Game. Start with the Simple Baccarat Strategies and apply it to the game. As you gain a better understanding of the game, use the intermediate and advanced Baccarat Strategies, your Baccarat Game will Improve by many points. 

Simple Baccarat Strategies

No Tie Bets, Dragon Bets, Bonus Bets
No matter how many players at the baccarat table are wagering on tiedragon bonus bets, or other types of bonus bets and are winning off of them, do not bet on them.  These side bets aside from the Player and Banker bets are considered to be “sucker bets.”  Never bet on Tie, Dragon Bonus Bets, or other bonus bets! 

Bankroll Management
Always bring a large enough bankroll to the baccarat table. If the table table limit is $25, you will need at least 10x the amount, $25 = $250. Never wager on every hand unless the shoe is streaky.

Commission Vs. No Commission
EZ Baccarat is the only Baccarat game where the player doesn’t pay a 5% commission when they win on the Banker wager. As a player, if the casino offers this game, you must play this game for you are at a double advantage: 1) No 5% commission 2) Banker Advantage

Advanced Baccarat Strategies 

Prior to going to any Baccarat Table, you must decide how much of a bankroll you are willing to wager and what the cap is on your gains and losses. Stick to your original plan and leave when you hit your goal.

An effective and disciplined Baccarat Player will play the game without letting their emotions get in the way. Many Baccarat Gamblers lose their entire bankroll plus more when they let their emotions out at the Baccarat Table.

Hit and Run
Set a goal for how many units you want to win and leave when you achieve your goal. Whether you are in the casiino for 15 minutes to 2 hours, leave the BACCARAT TABLE when you achieve your targets.

Martingale Method
Don’t even think about using the Martingale Method. Any type of progression method will force you to lose your entire bankroll. There is a reason why the casino put a table limit for all there games. You must add this thought to your toolbox when you’re at the Baccarat Table.

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