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Welcome To The Baccarat Blog

The Baccarat Blog is a place where I’ll discuss my baccarat play, optimal strategies, casinos (both online and live) that I play at, and other associated information about the game.


Why You Should Play Baccarat Instead

Skill or Chance?

Similar to the other casino games, its takes skill to win and a little bit of luck to win big.  In the game of Baccarat, scorecards are used by players to keep track of the outcome of each hand, whether it’s a player, banker, or tie outcome.  Players search for a trend on the scorecards of each outcome, trying to determine whether to bet on the next winning hand.  Based on mathematical probability, each hand is independent of the other and there should be no trends.  From personal experience, there are trends in baccarat.  Determining what the trend is, is part skill and luck, for the trend you ride doesn’t continue forever.

Why Play the Baccarat Game?

Ride the trend and multiply your winnings in Baccarat.  Baccarat grants the player the advantage to take money away from the casino and win consistently.  A baccarat player wins consistently but a baccarat gambler wins and losses.  The player has the advantage and the odds are in the player’s favor which means you can take money away from the casino and BEAT BACCARAT.  Read the rules and start playing a couple hands of Baccarat.  Check out the Baccarat Blog to see my weekly results at the baccarat table.  When the game is understood, read the Baccarat Strategy section to become the Baccarat Player.